Installing the Air Frame

Screw a hook into the wood or trim of where you want your art. Next, take the base of the frame up to the 1st hook and see where the 2nd hook needs to be inserted.  You can measure with a ruler, but this is easier. Now that the 2nd hook is screwed in, hang the frame from the hooks.

When the frame is correctly installed, the art will hang level. If your art is crooked a couple of things to check. At the base of the frame, sometimes the chain gets caught on the side. A link may have doubled up, even inside the frame. Check to see if part of the art is not in the frame or needs to be inserted further into the frame. Lastly, you make have to make minor adjustments to the hooks, Take a hook and screw/unscrew to get the art level. If you have any questions, please email us and we will get your art shinning.

mike & tracy

Take the top of the art and insert it into the top of the frame. Once both are inserted make sure when you let go the chain is tight and the top of the frame remains on the art.

Take the art in one hand and the base of the frame with the other. Insert the art into the base, making sure the art is secure. Next, work the top of the frame up the chain. It helps to keep down pressure on the art to keep the chain tight.


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