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Retail Sales

Unique Art for your Unique Customers

Your clients are looking for one of a kind originals. 

Glass art has captured peoples fascination for years. Our work takes traditional forms of art, stained glass and mosaics, and combines them into contemporary art for any space. We work with you to generate art that will resonate with your customers. Installation is easy and the hardware comes with all pieces. With over 15 years of selling at art shows, we have narrowed down the designs and colors that sell the best. Let us breathe fresh air into your retail space with art that radiates color and energy!

Mike & Tracy

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Let's get you some great

art for your customers! 

We create more than glass!

We work in lots of different mediums:

  • Painting

  • Mixed Media

  • Resin

  • Non-precious Jewelry

  • Custom Coloring Books

  • Custom products for your business

  • If you have ideas, we will work with you to create what your customers want.

Contact us today, we're ready to create for you!

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